Commentary: NDC, This Is A Bonehead Decision

NDC, This Is A Bonehead Decision
BY Justice Sarpong

First, let me extend my condolences to the family of Mr Henry Ford Kamel for losing their loved one during the festive mood of Christmas when families get tother to share love and exchange gifts. As somebody who has lost my mother and father, I understand their pain for losing a father, brother and husband and I pray to God to give them comfort at this trying time. May the good Lord wipe their tears with blessings, AMEN.

From testimonials coming from people who knew this man, it seems he was a very good person and I remember vividly when President Mills nominated him as Volta Regional Minister about two years ago after dismissing the previous Minister, a lot of people said that was a good choice and Mr Kamel has not done anything as a Minister for Ghanaians to regret he was chosen as a Minister and I don’t agree with those who have allowed their political differences to blind them to celebrate or shown happiness about the death of this fine gentleman. The death of Mr Kamel is not a victory for anybody to celebrate and the morbid comments passed in the forum by some people were despicable to say the least. The good book, the Bible warned us about death and since we are all sinners, we are all going to pass through the icy hands of death at the appropriate time.

“The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” –Romans 6:23–

Nobody should ever celebrate or regale themselves in the death of another because death is there for us all and none of us will grow wings and flew into the sunset. Politics should not cloud our better judgement to behave like uncaring human beings when others die. Death should not be used as a payback for our political opponents and my NDC friends too should know that, God is the only one who knows when somebody is going to be called home and should stop predicting the death of Nana Akuffo Addo because of his age, 68. It is only in Ghana that we think a 68 year old man is about to die because of old age when Mugabe is President of Zimbabwe at the age of 88. What we have to realise is that, an old leaf can fall from the tree so is a new leaf. I don’t think my NDC friends thought David Lamptey, the NDC Financier who died on the eve of the 2012 election and Mr Kamel will die before Nana Akuffo Addo who seems to be really young for his age. DEATH SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A PAYBACK TO SETTLE POLITICAL SCORES

My pet beef about Mr Kamel’s death is the way it is being handled. Who made the bonehead decision to fly his corpse to 37 Military hospital? Below is a brief description of what I am talking about. “Mr Kamel died yesterday, December 25 at the Jasikan government hospital after a short illness.His body was immediately flown to Accra and deposited at the 37- Military Hospital Morgue.A close friend of the late Kamel, Captain George Buta told Joy News’ Nana Adjei Essuman he was utterly shocked by the death because only on Sunday he was with the late minister at a party in the Volta Regional capital, Ho.”

Why fly the corpse to Accra? We don’t have any hospital in Volta Region that can do post mortem examination of his remains? Can anybody give me one good reason why we are using helicopters to fly a corpse from Jasikan to Accra when that service could have been used to save the live of somebody dying in a remote area in Ghana who could have been flown to 37 Military hospital? Who is going to pay the bill of this service that is not necessary? Is it going to be paid by NDC as a party or Ghanaian Taxpayers are going to foot the bill?

Why are we running the country as a Banana Republic with people making decisions that defy logic? Is Mr Kamel going to be given a state burial and interred at one of the nine graves dug at “Asomdwe Park” ? Maybe that is the plan but still there was no need to use the costly transportation service of a helicopter to fly a corpse to Accra.

This is an abuse of incumbency and worthless use of taxpayers money when the money spent to fly Mr Kamel corpse to Accra could have been used for a better purpose. I really have nothing against Mr Kamel but I don’t see why we should use our scarce resource to fly a corpse to Accra morgue when we have morgues in Jasikan and Ho where Mr Kamel in all likelihood is going to be buried. Are we going to fly the corpse back to Volta region? May God have mercy on Ghana and springle a little bit of ‘Solomonic’ wisdom on our leaders or we are in trouble.

Justice Sarpong


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