Fear Grips Bimbilla As Killer Snakes Kill 25

Information reaching Today indicates that residents of Bakpaba, a farming community in the Bimbilla District of the Northern Region, are living in morbid fear, following the increasing rate of snake bites in the area.
According to residents, over twenty-five (25) deaths have been recorded with several people hospitalised at Yendi and Bimbilla hospitals as a result of the poisonous snake bites.
Speaking on various media networks to confirm the deaths of the people in the area, the inhabitants, led by one Mr. Adam Salifu, said the incidence of snake bites in the community did not come as a surprise to them owing to the free anti-snake serum policy introduced by the erstwhile government which has been stopped by the current government.

Moses Bukari Mabengba, Northern Region Minister

Mr. Adam Salifu on behalf of the inhabitants of Bakpaba described the NDC administration “very heartless and insensitive,” lamenting that the current government has shown that it does not care about the welfare of the Ghanaian, especially those in rural communities.
He relayed that during the implementation of the free anti-snake serum, all one had to do when bitten was to send the person to either Yendi or Bimbilla to receive the free serum to get immediate relief.
He accused government of forgetting the numerous promises they made on improving their lives but have rather gone ahead to introduce various policies that have only served to worsen their plight.
“We voted for the NDC after they came here to tell us many lies and promises…however, immediately NDC got into government one of the first things they did was to abolish the free anti-snake serum policy of the former government and started charging us for it.”
He stated that “All of us here are farmers and as we all know, in places like this no one can guarantee that his or her family would be free from snake bites by the time the farming season is over…We also know that when a snake bites you it’s a matter of life and death, there is no middle ground anywhere.”

The livid farmer lamented the GH¢100 price tag on the anti-snake serum, questioning “Where would we get one million cedis from to pay for our lives if we get bitten by a snake?”
“And because of this many of our children, and even adults, have died because of the wickedness of the NDC. That is how the NDC has repaid our decision to line up in the sun to vote for them,” he remonstrated.
He recalled that the inhabitants of Bakpaba laid bare their plight during interactions with then vice-president, John Dramani Mahama, during his visit to the community but laments has failed to yield any positive result.

Another indigene of Bakpaba, Mr. Bugri Alhassan, joined the lamentation of his colleague by stating that though the NDC had fixed the official price of the serum at GH¢100, the real price farmers and all others in the area paid for the serum was GH¢150; since according to him, some officials had colluded with few workers at health centers to create artificial shortages of the serum and then sell at about 50 per cent more than the official price.

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