How to Quickly Check Your National Service Posting Online

The National Service Secretariat has today, September 5 officially announced the release of the 2012/2013 National Service postings.


In a press conference at the service secretariat to announce the posting today, the Executive Director, Mr. Vincent Kuagbenu took the opportunity to announce the commencement of the year’s service.

He made mention of the regional statistics and the deployment of personnel to various sectors, variance on male and female deployment during this year’s service.

“As part of the welfare package for this year, allowance will be paid on time, you will be registered with the national health insurance, while accommodation for those with GES will be discussed” he said.

This year’s service starts from Monday, September 10, 2012 and ends on Saturday, August 31, 2013.

Here is a breakdown of the skilled areas the secretariat deployed personnel to for the 2012/2013 service year:

(Skilled Area) Allied Health = 8284 personnel deployed
(Skilled Area) Engineering = 4237 personnel deployed
(Skilled Area) Technical/Vocational = 1941 personnel deployed

(Skilled Area) Education = 8315 personnel deployed
(Skilled Area) Social Science/Arts = 35780 personnel deployed
(Skilled Area) Agricultural Science = 1708 personnel deployed
(Skilled Area) Business Administration = 7221 personnel deployed
(Skilled Area) Law = 724 personnel deployed

In all, 8249 were deployed to the Health Areas, 46896 deployed to the Education Area, 1156 deployed to the Agriculture Area, 6848 deployed to the Local Government Area and 5061 deployed to the Private Sector.

Mr. Kuagbenu congratulated the service personnel who were part of the just ended 2011/2012 service year and commended them for a good work done for the good work done.

All prospective service personnel should note that checking of posting online will be made available ONLY from this evening onward at the secretariat website or by clicking here.

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